Copy data from website to realm database


I’ve recently started to do my own android application. Can I have your advice on my problem.

App needs to use huge amount of data from different websites. On these websites, there is a search with different chemical ingredients. How can I programmatically copy this data from website to my realm database? This database on realm needs to be saved as a table which has 2 columns: ingredient name, description.

Thanks an advance!


Legally, you cant. That is stealing intellectual property.


freeubi, thank you for your answer. I’ve recently got a permission from this site.


then you have access to the database. simply copy that.


I only have the permission to use this site, not to the server, where all data is saved on. This site has a search box and you write the name of ingredient there. So, we need to write a small program that will do this search and add this data to our realm database. The question is how to do it?