Cloud Pricing - MAU?


Do I need to pay $30 monthly to develop? Is there any cloud developer edition, of course limited to a few connections or what ever?


I can actually appreciate the new pricing model, it makes sense to me. If you go over the standard limit, is there a way to determine what you would be charged? I would much rather be charged extra money than my service to simply stop functioning.


it would be nice to see a more limited free tier to develop against, $30/mo is pretty steep (compared to things like firebase/aws appsync) just to develop against and is a deciding factor for me…hard as a solo dev to justify paying $ just to develop


I feel like $30 a month for something that you are serious about developing is dirt cheap. Especially with a one-month trial to see if you like it or not. Build your product, use the database, when you’re ready to test online sync, sign up for the service. Take your month, see how it fits.

I’m sure it depends on the project, but I feel like if $30 a month is the bottleneck in your project, your project has more serious issues anyway. That’s $360 a year to maintain even a pet project. If you went to dinner and a movie in the last month, you have paid more than for a month of the service.

That being said, as I said before, I am concerned about what happens when I go over that user limit, and would like some clarification on that.


$30 is definitely cheap however for many indie developers, when choosing between a service that is going to cost you 30 bucks vs 0 just to develop, it is a no-brainer to pick the free one especially with feature-complete offerings like firebase. I would much rather pick Realm (and the paid version is priced fairly) however its tough to justify that money to develop when you get so much for free elsewhere.


While I think $30 is pretty reasonable in the new pricing scheme, it’s still a bit sad that I won’t be able to self-host the ROS on something like a $10/month Digital Ocean droplet. For my use cases, that would be more than enough in 80% of cases.

I do realize that Realm needs to make money somehow, but I think they could create a lot of converts by enabling us to self-host for free, with a simple and solid migration tool to Realm Cloud or paid self-hosting. How the free edition should be limited, I’m not certain, but it seems the old model was not going to work in the long run for Realm.

I’m also a bit sad they went out the gate with the original pricing scheme, I’ve seen multiple developers turn their back on Realm because of the steep pricing. I think some of them would be fine under the new pricing, but some of them are not looking back. They’ve already migrated to other solutions.


Just my two cents to the conversation.
I have been developing a free - Opensource application to manage archery tournaments using 20-30 tablets for my archery club. I started using realm since 0.6 and was very happy with it. I even implemented a basic synchronization mechanism when realm was just realm.db
To move away from the “usual” sqllite storage was not easy, also, to bet in a new technology had its risk.

When sync came out, it was very exciting as I could just get rid of my sync and use the (I expected ) more reliable realm sync. So, even when sync was in the earliest days I refactor my code and just start using it (with its flaws). Also, as the tournaments are just hosted locally I bought the smallest i86 machine I can found to host Ros locally during the tournament.
I’m right now in the verge of refactor the entire app to use MVVM, and then I found this.
I’m very sad, as I have seen realm grow, and I really think it deserves payback for the hard work, but for my kind of project (OS-Free) the use of the paid self-hosted or even the cloud (if I could just add some kind of external internet access to the archery field) is not affordable right now.
Also, I was recommending Realm to all developers I know (although the archery app is a hobby app, I’m a full time developer by day) but I will have to tell them to look elsewhere.

If You look at all the development chain, there is a lot of services / products that provides some kind of help to starter / free / Os projects : Jetbrains give you a license for os projects, Github allows you to use the public account, etc etc…

I don’t know what I’m going to do now, probably I will keep using the realm locally and start looking for a sync mechanism. There were a project to sync realms that was deprecated when realm sync come out. Probably it will resurge and who knows, maybe Realm sync wont be needed anymore.


@gpulido - I also have had to switch. (Wow! kind of like those tobacco ads in the 80’s - I’d rather fight than switch - but I digress … ) Look no further than Firecloud, you can easily sync up the Realm DB with this cloud service (and they have offline buffering as well). So it will be a relatively easy refactor. The only challenge I had was switching over to Async processing of data (Firecloud) while Realm handles things internally synchronously. Just thought I would through that out there for you…


I guess that you mean Firebase not Firecloud :slight_smile:
It is an option, however I need something that would allow me to local sync devices without internet access. Looking to kinto, feathersjs and gun but they don’t seem to provide a java api.
Also I’m not very fond of duplicating the data (realm + firebase/whateverother offline alternative).
So, to remove also realm and use Room is back on the table.


Yup! Meant to say Cloud Firestore and it came out Firecloud. (although that’s a catchy name as well. :slight_smile: )


@profiVideos The problem with cloud Firestore is that it doesn’t provide a self-hosted version, so I can’t use it as small a sync mechanism without internet.
I probably will take a look again to the P2P offline mechanism that provides Android that would allow me to get ride of the server for just synching a tournament sesion and for online features (like tournament registration and publish of results) I will use a rest-backed server (there are tons of alternatives) At the end before ROS 3.0 the use of realm sync on a linux webserver was also limited so I already was looking for any manual sync mechanism. Not as fancy as automatically sync of data but It will work.
However after spending a couple of days looking to sync alternatives that provides android sdk, I found Kuzzle and maybe I will give it a try.


Do you have any guide or advice as to how you synced Cloud Firestore with RealmDB? You said that it’s easily done, I’m very curious as to how you accomplished that.


@FreeWorksRob. For now, I’ve implemented a “sync now” button. I’m using a config file in Realm and storing a last sync date and comparing that with the last sync date in Firestore. The main data files also have a last_updated date that I use to see if updates are required. There is logic on app start to sync your data (if you’ve updated the cloud data on another device, for example). Send me your email in a private message and I can share some code snippets with you if you like. The next level of development will be to do “live” syncing - a feature that Firestore also supports. Hope that helps.


After being worried about unrealistic conditions I have to thank @Jolson32 for working out a great pricing for our early-stage startup use case.


This is a huge improvement to pricing, kudos for that. It seems reasonable. However, I still think a limited free tier for noodling around would be a good idea (maybe you don’t have a specific app idea for Realm yet, but you want to play around with it until you do), as well as more up-front transparency about what happens when you exceed the payed limits. Most companies will present several payed tiers with their limits, information on what happens when you exceed those limits, and then a “custom” option only for truly massive deployments. Probably 90% of users will just pick one of the non-custom tiers and be done with it.


For what its worth I’d put another vote in for a ‘noodling’ tier. I’m messing around with an app idea and decided to use Firebase for now just so I can play around for free with no time limit. Something really limited like 5 connections and 100MB space for free or $10 a year or something would make me reconsider. What would be good I guess is if you started with a 30 day trial of the $30 option then at the end it reverts down to the ‘noodling’ tier if you haven’t exceeded noodling levels in that time.


Here another user requesting a simpler tier for testing/messing around. We have a test app to test Realm, with 3 devices or so, and it’s a bit frustrating that we can’t pay a small amount to keep testing. 30 USD plan is great, much much improved from the earlier 100MAUD plan, and we love to use it when we are actually releasing a app. But for testing we would love to see a free or a lower priced plan.


If anyone is interested in qualifying for a limited education or extended development license at a reduced monthly price please contact [email protected] and let them know you are interested and why you would qualify. Thank you.


Oooh that’s an idea I was thinking of but didn’t say and it is a good idea! :smile:

Like, you’re writing a thesis with the Sync Platform but $30 is kinda harsh and then you can use this education license thingy and get a cheaper version, that’d be cool for whoever is contemplating using Realm Sync in their thesis stuff