Cloud Pricing - MAU?


Realm Cloud pricing…

Cloud Standard = $30/mo

And is listed as limited to 100 MAU’s.

Can someone define what an MAU is?

Is it up to 100 unique users per month?
Is it up to 100 concurrent users?


And where did you get your info? I would like to get a better understanding of MAU


@valokafor Pricing is at @IanBradbury My understanding is that a MAU is a unique user in a month. It is not concurrent users. If a user logs in 5000 times in a month, they are 1 MAU. If 5000 users login once, they are 5000 MAU


We are in the process of implementing a FAQ page for cloud. For now, refer to this.


The price is fantastic, but total of MAUs is very low…


@mhergon - I agree. I have a high number of unique users who have a low level of usage. Making it uneconomical.


100 MAU’s for $30 is a joke. It’s time to switch to Firebase…


I share similar view. I really love the realm technology and also appreciate all the effort that has gone into open source. For a startup use case though those prices are still too high if you want to grow in user numbers. I think there are better ways to measure usage such as GB/traffic etc etc.


Thanks all for the great feedback. As it is impossible to create a pricing model for all, we do offer Custom pricing for many of your concerns. Please reach out to me at [email protected] and we can discuss a plan that might work for you.

Jeff Olson
SVP of Sales, Realm


It would be great to have some indication of how this pricing scales without having to contact sales. The only visible pricing is $30/mo for … 100 MAUs and that discounts apply over 500. Does that mean it’s around $150/mo for 500 MAUs? I really love developing with Realm, but there is no way I could justify using Cloud for some of the apps I’m working on. I was figuring out how to roll it on my own server, but now that this is off the table I’m sad I feel like I need to consider something else.


I have to agree. Suppose, you had 50,000 out of 200,000 users that just once a month decided to add something new or look something up in their app. That means it’s going to cost $15,000 / month (without discounts because we don’t know what they are) to host those low usage users.

Jeff Olson posted it was impossible to come up with a pricing structure for all. It seems that Google was able to do just that. They have a pricing strucutre based on volumes of reads, writes, and computational processing used that seems to be a good & fair model. And they are also offering a real time model for updating data.

I agree also that the realm database is very nice to use. I even had to give up my debugging tools in Chrome to continue using the product (because of how Realm writes data directly to the hardware for speed) but it really doesn’t make sense to use it when it simply is not affordable.

I’ve already had to start restructuring my App to use an alternative cloud storage model. So to say I’m disappointed would be an under statement.


@profiVideos I am not sure if the comparison of a behemoth like Google with Realm which is a startup is apple to apple comparison, but I do share your view that the price structure should be based on the consumption of compute capacity - read, write, bandwidth, etc instead of active users.


So lets run the math…

$30 for 100 users/month = $0.30 per user per month = $3.60 per user per year - even if they just access the app once a month for a single transaction.

That means I need to charge my users £3.60 per year subscription fee just to cover realm costs. For an app in the app stores (especially Android) £3.60 is a LOT.

This pricing level definitely rules out a free and paid version of the app where the free version includes some sync capability (however limited). If just 1000 people download it then that has cost me $300 for no income. Some of them will go on to get the paid version, but not enough to cover the costs.

A “number of users” pricing model might work fine for an app custom written for internal business use (low user numbers, high cost) but is utterly infeasible for any commercial app store applications. I really hope Realm will think again, because this product is awesome and deserves to become the de-facto mobile database.


I have a fairly large userbase that only connect occasionally, maybe once a week. Running my own ROS server fulfilled all my needs, the ROS capabilities matched my requirements and the hosting costs were reasonable. In short it was a winning combination - great technology and reasonable costs.

I have no qualms with Realm seeking to make some money. Good for them. It’s just a shame that the model they have arrived at has forced me to rethink where I go from here.

After spending some time searching I found the IceCream library ( which is attempting to syncronise local Realm databases with CloudKit. It’s early days - but if the team working on it can implement just a few more features I will be able to migrate away from my self hosted Realm Object Server to CloudKit - and - retain Realm locally on the device.

It’s all very disapointing but I wish realm good luck.


I like Realm but I agree, $30 for 100 user-device that users log in from at least once a month is harsh, and discount volumes are unknown from just reading the pricing page.

I’d assume if you’re trying to be ad revenue-based and “accidentally” have more than 30 users just by being in the store, then Realm Free tier is going to throw you out quite quickly. So that’s more like personal usage if anything, and even then you need to manage your own backups.

Does MAU even mean registered user, or execution on different device? Does a user who registers twice count as two users?

What’s worse is that if the dev edition suited your needs previously, then the new Realm Self-Hosted pricing is also an unknown. As you can’t not have Server-Side Realm Sync Access anymore, does that make it $1750/month at minimum?

So many unanswered questions… although when I was in the chat, all I could think about is “I can’t know if this is affordable”, and otherwise had no questions at all.

(edit: aligned with MAU -> MAD)


HI Ian, thanks for the link. Even if it is an iOS only solution. I am starting to work on something similar using the Firestore cloud storage. I find it very sad that an excellent technology (Realm) is not yet viable for the mainstream App marketplace. Hey, everyone wants to make a buck and I really think Realm deserves that for putting out such a fantastic product. However, what I’m hearing is that the pricing is not conducive to appealing to anything other than an “in-house” app where you can charge the user (or absorb the costs) to make a Realm Cloud solution a viable one.


I was close to rolling out the first realm app to production and was keeping an eye on Realm cloud. But with this pricing model, it is not possible to absorb the cost for a free app

Realm is a good product but it is disappointing after spending so much time, only remaining option is to replace Realm with an alternative since ROS developer edition is also discontinued.


It’s worth noting that Realm is technically fighting head-on against Firebase Cloud Firestore, and their pricing is based on bandwidth + document read write operations.


I agree with others here that while Realm is awesome the new MAU pricing model is near impossible to use for free apps and will likely push many (myself included) to use something like Firebase which you can run on with 1000s of low-volume users for free


I appreciate the challenges with pricing and I originally posted that I know that there is no way to price for all in one package. This is why I have created Custom pricing that I am happy to discuss with you to see if we can help you on Realm. Those that have spoken to me in most cases have been able to figure out a good solution.

Please send me an email at [email protected] and I can setup time to discuss with you.

Jeff Olson
SVP of Sales