Can't get android "live" realm file for realm studio


Im trying to find the realm file thats create automatically on android device, but i cant reach it.
iv tried to find some answers but didn’t get the right one.

for now im creating a file using realm and save it on the device, i can watch the DB through the realm studio but it not updated automatically when there is a changes.

anyone have idea?

thank you,


I don’t think you can access it on the Android device, however you can check the ROS version (if you are using sync realm) and you should be seeing the same changes.


zhuinden first of all thank you,

do you mean realm server eco system?


If you are not using that, then you can’t really see the data live anymore. What you can do is copy out the Realm file, then open it in Realm Studio.


Sorry for the late respond…
I know in IOS it does work. you can open file that created by realm and watch object changed in live.
in android that feature is not available?

thank you!


It works with the simulator. Some Android devices are “closed” you cannot just browse the file system in order to get and copy the generated by realm data file.


Hello coderman,
i have tried to get the realm file but failed…
can you give an example how to do it?

thank you for your help!


I use Android Studio, on the right bottom side there is Device File Explorer tab, just open it and navigate to data folder of your package


iv found the file thank you!

the file is not updated when data changes, you know if there is a way to update the file without copy it every time?

thank you for your help!


not exactly. When I run my app I see the changes instantly in Realm Browser also when I change something in the file my App gets properly notified.