Cannot create another Instance for different app


I have successfully created my first Instance. I need to create a second one for another app but I create the instance name, show name is available, click create and asks me to login in and goes back to Instance List but never creates it.

Any thoughts?


The beta is currently limited to single instance per user. This will expand in the future. For now, would you be okay using the same instance for both applications?


I understand… yes it will be fine.

I want to make sure I understand the architecture. Do you create One Instance for each separate app? Or Does One Instance handle multiple Databases?

By the way the syncing between devices is nice.



Ideally, you’ll create different instances for each app - this will allow you to independently scale them up/down, backup them, etc. While developing though or if your apps are not used by too many people (e.g. some internal corporate tool), it could be fine to use the same instance for several of them.


Thanks… that works.