Announcing a Public Roadmap for Realm & MongoDB


(Drew DiPalma) #1

As we plan how to best grow Realm now that it is a part of MongoDB, we have two main goals for enabling developers to build even better mobile applications –

First – Increase investment in Realm Database by expanding support for new types, languages, platforms, and models of application programming

Second – Seamlessly merge Realm Cloud and MongoDB Stitch into a new platform – MongoDB Realm – that combines the best aspect of Realm Cloud and MongoDB Stitch:

  • Bi-directional syncing of data between device and backend database
  • Simple, idiomatic bindings for a wide variety of platforms and languages
  • Integrated functions, triggers, authentication and data access controls
  • Serverless architecture that is simple to scale and globally distribute for projects ranging from simple POCs to massive enterprise projects
  • Cost-effective, consumption-based pricing model

This is a complex undertaking that affects many parts of the MongoDB and Realm communities and to be transparent about our planning, we have decided to release a public roadmap.

The roadmap follows up on the vision that was presented at MongoDB World in June and brings you more detailed plans. We’re making these plans public so that you can see what’s coming, follow our progress, and give feedback as we work towards the best end-to-end platform for building modern applications.

For feedback on the Roadmap or to suggest additional features, we have also launched a new public feedback forum.

(Stephen Steneker) #2