Allow write to a path for Nickname user


Hi, I am making a conference app where user’s client app read the schedule (from realm cloud).
The plan is to allow a user to submit anonymous feedback for each talk by asking them to set a Nickname.

My questions are

  1. Why is Nickname not recommended for production? (In Settings: The Nickname provider is not secure and should never be enabled in production deployments. It’s meant to only be used during development.)
  2. Is it possible to allow the user to write only to Feedback object using Nickname, to the same realm?

Thanks for your help!


If it’s anonymous then why do you need a Nickname? Why not just set up an anonymous user?

Also, what’s the correlation between asking a user to set a Nickname and leaving feedback?


Nickname is for fun, like when you’re playing Kahoot game.
If time permits, would like to add something like a chat room for conference attendees and this nickname would be useful. But yeah, I get your point …