Accepted Solution Which is good database for heavy query processing? Realm, coredata, or SQLite?


Hii guys, I am looking for a really good local database for my reactnative app. I am kind of stuck between realm and SQLitete. I am looking for a db that is capable of huge query processing. I’ve found a blog How to choose the right React Native database for your app which compares some local databases and server side databases.

Do you think realm is capable of handling heavy query processing?


That explains why developers prefer to use Realm while handling a large amount of data or for high-performance applications. Realm allows developers to undergo frequently mapping classes, tables, foreign keys or the fields.

Realm is an object-oriented database rather than a relational database. OO model makes it 10x faster than SQLite and saves you from running tons of query which is a common thing for a typical SQL database.

The decision depends entirely on your data structures and how you access the parts you need to read or modify. In general, a well designed database model can be served from any particular database, all this with good performance.


Thanks @coderman,

Initially, we were reluctant to use SQLite in our app as it makes it very difficult to scale your app when your user base increases to Nth times. We were not sure of coredata and Realm is what everyone has suggest to my VP of Engineering.

I see what you have said and I was wondering if it applies to local databases with react native? I have reached out to the author as well, but, your insights would be helpful as well.


No, I have no experience with react native. I am talking only from perspective of Swift/iOS and Java/Android native development. As far as I know react native translates JavaScript/HTML into native code base of selected target platform so it “should” not make a big difference, if react native is really this, what it pretends to be.